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Resourcing experienced designers, strategists, and developers to meet the challenges of this digital age to Christian missions and faith-based organizations.

We provide support to increase your
digital and social visibility.


We provide

Social Media Strategy & Support

We seek to understand your ministry; then apply a customized strategy to meet your needs by developing a detailed blueprint that answers the what, when, how, and why for all the content we post on your ministry's social pages. Laying down strategies ensures that your social media efforts are fruitful, and are working to support your broader mission goals.

Branding and 

Graphic Design

Offering tailored and custom solutions for your unique situation, we strive to meet the branding, graphics, and design needs of the churches, ministries, non-profits, faith-based businesses, and others looking to bring believers together and more people to Christ. 

Content and 


We believe in asking questions. In being curious, assess how things tick and what makes them tock in your mission towards taking the message of the gospel to multitudes. With this as our primary objective, we build narratives that can drive campaigns with your unique voice.

Website Design

and Development

Your website serves as an opportunity for you to create meaningful connections with people who matter most to you. It can be a conversation starter or a conversation killer based on various factors. We help design and develop - responsive and optimized websites that can be found.

Website Support and Maintenance

Websites are not planned to be static. The value of a performing website is the capability to keep current information online at a practical rate. At eXart, we provide website maintenance and support programs which include regular checks for issues and mistakes to keep the website updated and relevant that guarantee your site always exists and your project resides within budget.

Hello, I’m Ebe!

Here to partner with Christian ministries and faith-based organizations to provide digital media support 

You can reach me at

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