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Social Media for Non-Profits

Principles for using social media in a nonprofit organization
  1. Commit

  2. Set Goals

  3. Plan your voice

  4. Create Good Content

  5. Respond to your audience

  6. Listen to your audience

  7. Excel

  8. Maximize your efforts

Importance of feedback and responding
  • Create a policy for interaction with any and all feedback and stick to it.

  • Feedback is also engagement with audience.

  • If a lot of people are liking the content, but not sharing it, what’s missing?

  • What can you do to encourage more sharing? Listen to what your audience is saying and what they are not saying

Response Policy: Always respond; always respond kindly.

Brainstorming sheet
  • Content

  • Platforms

  • Goals

  • Paid Ads

Creating your social media strategy
  1. Set a Goal

  2. What is the message and voice you want to portray?

  3. Do you want to give them an inside scoop-bringing them in as insiders?

  4. Who else is participating?

  5. All offline assets should support the online strategy and include links to all social media.

  1. Campaign project description

  2. Project deadlines

  3. Timeline

  4. Deliverables

  5. Assets

  6. Evaluate Free Distribution Channels

    • Do you have access (meaning passwords) to all the channels that your organization owns? If not, how can you get access?

    • Evaluate your paid strategy

    • What is the social marketing budget?

    • Which paid channels will you use that are already available?

    • Do you need more? If so, which ones and who will build them?

    • Is there already a credit card available for organizational transactions online?

7. Content Alignment

  • Core Content contains the main message every time.

  • Filler content is meant to entertain and inform.

8. Protocol

Social Media Reference guide to follow every single time we post.
  1. Proofread

  2. Test

  3. Promote offline

  4. User relevant searches

  5. Always hashtag search

  6. Avoid shortcuts

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